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    GoSupportNow Demo

    1. Demo Video

    2. Hosting a Meeting

    In GoSupportNow, a support session is called a meeting. This guide covers the steps to host and join a meeting:

    1. Hosting a Meeting
    2. Joining a Meeting

    To host a meeting (i.e., a support session), you need to have a registered user account. For first-time users, follow the steps below to host a meeting

    Step 1 Click the “Host Meeting” button on the home page and login

    Step 2 When prompted to accept the GoSupportNow download, click “Save File” and run it.

    software PC

    Step 3 Now the system has filled in the Email Address, Password and Meeting Server Address, and automatically starts to sign in. After sign, the system will display a list of scheduled meetings, if any. You start a scheduled meeting anytime.


    Step 4 Click the “Host” button. Fill in the optional subject and password fields and then click the “Continue” button

    The launch of the panel below indicates that the meeting has started. Click the “Invite Attendee” button to invite your meeting attendees


    After an attendee joins, you will be able to view and control his desktop.

    If you have already hosted a meeting:

    Step 1 Click the GoSupportNow icon on your desktop


    Step 2 Go to Step 3 shown above.

    3. Joining a Meeting

    Step 1 Fill in the Meeting ID, Meeting Password, and your name. Then, click the “Join Meeting” button. There is no registration required to join a meeting.

    remote server

    Step 2  When prompted to accept the GoSupportNow download, click “Save File” and run it.

    Step 3 Choose the permission you would like to give to the support representative.


    At this point, you have joined the support session.




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