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  • Low Costs & Flexible
  • Collaborative Support
  • In-Session Training
  • Guaranteed Connection
  • Backed by 1,000,000+ Users
  • You Can Own It
  • Comparison with LogMeIn

    Why Choose GoSupportNow


    1. Low start-up costs, incremental pricing & easy to change subscriptions to save money

    GoSupportNow pricing starts one support seat at only $19.95/month. You can purchase additional capacity at only $9.95/seat per month. You can temporarily increase capacity for one or a few days, and then reduce capacity to save money.

    2. Collaborative support and knowledge sharing

    GoSupportNow allows up to 10 participants in one support session. This turns a remote support session into a fully interactive web conferencing session, which dramatically facilitates the speed of collectively resolving the most difficult issues.

    Typical use cases include:
    • Support cases requiring third parties involved, for example, a software vendor such as Microsoft
    • Support cases requiring senior support staff or managers
    • Support cases requiring engineers to debug in real-time
    • Training junior support staff using the real-world support cases

    3. In-session customer training

    The support agent can change to the online training mode anytime during a support session. Many support issues come from customers' lack of product knowledge. An instant training session helps to prevent many issues from happening in the future and saves in support costs. In addition, this improves customer satisfaction and increases up-selling opportunities because your customer has a better appreciation of those product functions that they have not known or not known well enough. With this function, you actually turn your most knowledgeable & highly paid support staff into powerful sales staff.

    Collaborative Support
    4. Guaranteed connection

    Many organizations either lockdown their employee desktops so that the employees cannot install any software, or block unwanted Internet connection to comply with their most restrictive firewall policy. Because of those strong security measures, you may not be able to connect to users’ desktops using competing remote support products.

    GoSupportNow has resolved the most difficult connection related issues at three levels:

    • Level1 - Working with lockdown computers
    • Level2 - Traversing the most restrictive firewalls
    • Level3 - Guaranteed connection for view-only assistance

    If GoSupportNow attendee's fail to attend your support using the view-only connection, contact us for refund.

    remote PC

    If GoSupportNow attendee's fail to attend your support using the view-only connection, contact us for refund.

    software PC

    5. Solid technology used by over 1,000,000 users at leading global organizations

    The RHUB's TurboMeeting technology, which supports GoSupportNow, has been used by over 1,000,000 users worldwide since 2005. It has been embedded into products from Hitachi, Zultys, Central Desktop, Huddle and other enterprise and service providers.

    Featured customers include: 

    6. You can own GoSupportNow's technology for in-house deployment

    The GoSupportNow service is offered by RHUB Communications, which is a premier provider of web conferencing, remote support and remote access appliances that meet the needs of service providers and any organization. GoSupportNow addresses the needs of those customers who prefer hosted services and may not be ready for on-premise appliance deployment. Once your real-time collaboration needs grow beyond remote support and your solution requires customization and integration, you should consider deploying an RHUB appliance, which uses the same technology as GoSupportNow. RHUB appliances bundle six different real-time collaboration applications into one package:

    1. Web conferencing – give sales presentations, product demos, and collaborate interactively
    2. Remote Support – support PC and Mac users remotely
    3. Audio Conferencing – VoIP based audio conferencing & free landline audio conferencing services
    4. Video Conferencing – Multi-point webcam based video conferencing
    5. Remote Access – access your office or home PCs from anywhere anytime
    6. Web Seminar – provide online seminars without download of any kind for view-only attendees

    The RHUB appliance provides the most flexibility and functions for your collaboration needs now and in the future:

    access software

    In addition, it offers multi-point video conferencing:

    remote computer


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