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    GoSupportNow Pricing

    1. Pricing

    GoSupportNow offers very attractive flat monthly pricing for unlimited remote support:

    • $19.95/month with one concurrent support session. Note that in GoSupportNow, each support session is called a meeting session. The number of support sessions is the number of meeting sessions.

    • $9.95/month for each additional concurrent support session.

    Cost Calculator
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    2. Try It Free

    You can try it free before you buy. No credit card is required. With a trial account, you can host as many remote support sessions as you wish. However, each session you host is subject to a 10-minute timeout.

    3. Change or Cancel Subscriptions

    By providing a credit card for your subscription, you are expressly agreeing that we are authorized to automatically bill your credit card every 30 days until you cancel the subscription.

    You can change or cancel your subscription at any time just by using the Account Management form in the system.

    For each payment, the system will send you an receipt, which includes a link for cancellation. You are responsible to cancel your subscription in order to stop billing when you decide not to use the service. If you do not receive receipts from us for any reason, contact our support.

    Note that the credit on your account is not refundable upon cancellation of the service. The credit remains available for you to pay for subscription whenever you resume the service. You can always access your account even after you cancel the service.

    4. Warranty

    GoSupportNow commits to "Guaranteed Connection". If your supportees fail to join your support session using the guaranteed connection URL for the view-only function, contact us for a refund of your current monthly subscription.

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