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    Guaranteed Attendance

    1. Issues

    If you have used web conferencing before, you may have experienced attendees being unable to join in your conference, which caused the whole conference to fall apart. This causes frustration and takes valuable time away from your attendees since they are forced to download and install meeting client software that may not work. Meeting attendees can fail to join for these reasons:

    • A computer can be locked down by a corporate IT policy that prevents installation of any software
    • A computer can be blocked by firewall and proxy servers
    • Meeting client software installation and use can by anti-virus and anti-spy software
    • Attendees may join from unsupported platforms like Mac, Linux, UNIX, etc.
    • A computer may be missing or have the wrong Java Virtual Machine or Flash installation
    2. GoMeetNow Solutions

    Guaranteed Attendance Cross Platforms

    100% attendance has been demanded since the day that web conferencing started. Today, RHUB presents the first truly universal attendance web conferencing solution by bypassing all of these typical roadblocks.

    1. Your meeting attendees do not need to download any kind of software, Java Applet, Flash or any kind of documents.
    2. Your attendees can join your meetings and see your presentation as long as they can view Google Maps or Yahoo Maps with a browser on any of these platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, iPhone, iPad, or Windows Mobile (with Opera).
    3. Joining a meeting is as easy as typing in or clicking on a URL. Within 5 seconds your attendees will join your meeting unless your attendees have extremely slow internet speeds.

    GoMeetNow works cross-platforms

    3. How it works

    To see how it works, follow these steps to try GoMeetNow for free:

    1. Click the "Try It Free" link on the top of this page
    2. Download and install GoMeetNow. As the meeting host, you have to download and install GoMeetNow. The "Guaranteed attendance feature applies only to your attendees.
    3. Run GoMeetNow and choose "Host an unscheduled meeting".
    4. Select the "Seminar" meeting type, which automatically directs your attendees to the "no download join meeting" mode.
    5. Now, send your attendees the meeting URL for them to join your meeting.

    At Step 4, you can also choose "Interactive Meeting" and then send the view-only join-meeting URL to your attendees, which is shown on the "Invite Attendees" dialog. Even if you don't use the view-only join-meeting URL, attendees will still see the guaranteed attendance URL (see the image below) on the join-meeting page for them to surely join your meetings.

    The attendance of GoMeetNow meeting sessions is guaranteed. If your attendees fail to join your GoMeetNow meetings, just contact us for a refund of your current monthly subscription.

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